LOL Bouncy Castle

l.o.l sidel.o.l inside
£75 per day


So you’re looking to throw an L.O.L themed party and you want a bouncy castle to go with it? Then look no further as we are pleased to offer this beautifully decorated L.O.L themed musical castle. This a must if your little one is into those little outrageous littles.

With the bright pink and purple material, the dolls painted all over the front, and music and lights inside, this is guaranteed to turn heads and wow all your friends no matter what the occasion.

Not only is this a bouncy castle, but it also has an option to add music and lights inside the castle, giving you endless hours of fun, bouncing with your friends whilst listening to your favourite songs! This is all made do-able by the bluetooth speaker and light system that hangs in the top of the castle.

Perfect for any birthday, event or just a get together…

Ideal for any venue.

The whole set up includes pegs, mats, a blower, rain cover and all the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and secure set up.

Also ideal for indoor use. (Please check the height of the hall/ceiling first).

The size of this castle is 12ft wide by 14ft long and is 10 ft 7 in high.